Winter: The best time to start riding

Before you add those epic rides to your New Years resolutions, and then pack them away for springtime to begin, consider that the cold weather of winter actually provides the best conditions to start riding.

You don’t sweat, and provided that you wrap yourself up enough you won’t be cold either.

IMG_1169Trois Rivieres, Quebec on a particularly cold day: There were still a few brave cyclists out!

To stay warm in the cold weather (which varies from city to city greatly) stay true to this one tip: If you’re warm just standing still in your clothing, you’ll be sweating bullets by the time you start pedaling. Consider clothing that leaves you slightly chilly before heading out. Bring an extra layer packed in a backpack

Also consider putting away that fancy carbon frame for winter. You will enjoy the snow/grime clearance of a commuter/mountain bike, and nobody will think less of you. In fact, just riding a bike in weather as pictured above makes you our hero.

Please feel free to send in your own photos of yourself braving the elements this winter. Here at Highflange, we live in the “tropical” swamp of TX, so Winter just means that we see daily rain and extra humidity.

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  1. i will take a nice 90degree ride over frozen muddy fingers any day. but fair weather riders are pussies. get out and RIDE!

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