Personal News, World Travel, and a Sweet Niner Air9 Carbon

Hello World. Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week. Things have gotten a bit mad lately as I am appearing tomorrow for the MCAT exam for medical school entry. I have been preparing for a year since, at the day before my last scheduled appearance, I suffered a mild concussion and shattered clavicle on my road bike. I am known for being stubborn and was on my motorcycle and bicycle within a week, and then went for surgery and was riding regularly again after another week and a half.

I am also sadly missing a great short track race, so best of luck and godspeed to the racers at Bicycle World and Fitness (the guys that let me pretend I’m a racer with their fast riders)

I will be making a quick run around the globe next month. Destinations include a day in Paris, a trek through India, and a final stop in Tokyo, where I will no doubt be purchasing lots of bicycle parts and potentially a frame from my old neighbor M. Makino (one of the 3Rensho builders)

Now without further ado, I present some bike porn for my readers:

Niner bikes builds only 29’ers. They build fantastic 29’ers at that. They recently unveiled a carbon fiber frame: Here is their bearded race team member assembling his new single-speed rocket.

We at highflange like singlespeeds. We also like big wheels. This has both, and it’s fancy looking carbon…and rigid. These are all great and fun things on a bike. Enjoy watching the buildup: I’ve included the new Carbon and a buildup review of the older model scandium air9

niner air9 buildup (Scandium)