Crashing sucks

Got into a very nasty crash on the ride home from a group ride Tuesday night. The ride had ended and I was making my way back to where I had left my car and decided to take a scenic route down one of the main streets in the city. For those of you familiar with Houston I was coming down Main street and crossed over the ever so lovely light rail tracks at the Main St./Richmond intersection. Unfortunately for me the tracks were placed at an angle and I was moving pretty good (20-25mph).

I cleared the first set and began to cross the second when my front wheel washed out and grabbed into gap between the tracks and the road. I went down like a sack of rocks and distinctly remember hearing a very distinct clattering sound as my helmet bounced off the road a few times while feeling my skin get peeled away as momentum carried me across the pavement. As I lay there in the street staring up at the sky, trying to unclip my feet I hear “HEY ARE YOU OK?” A very nice lady in scrubs gout of her car and came over to get me out of the street. She helped me up and checked on me to make sure I hadn’t gotten a concussion or broken anything. After a brief examination she asked me if I needed anything and I said I’d be fine. After putting the chain back on my bike and readjusting my brakes I made my way back to my car and in the immortal words of Walter Sobchak I was “entering a world of pain”. My legs were throbbing and my hip and ribs ached. Battered and bruised the adrenaline was wearing off.

Three days later I am fine other than some big scabs and bruised. I even knocked out a 40 mile ride yesterday. The lesson in this? WEAR YOUR HELMET. My Bell Furio was badly damaged and if I hadn’t been wearing one I would probably be in the hospital or worse.


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  1. man that sucks. i have had a run-in with the metro rail tracks. on a fixie of all things. fortunatly i was on flats so i was able to recover quickly from the pavement slide. there is an art to crashing. unfortunatly i dont know how to teach it. i wouldnt recomend trying to race mountain bikes if you arent willing to learn to crash. be careful out there james.

  2. Milin always talks about the Japanese track stars just grab the bars and go down with the bike but I fall all the time and I cant say the best way to do it.

  3. crashing on a track bike at a velodrome is not quite like crashing while riding your bicycle downtown cutting through traffic.

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