Think your Ray Ban Wayfarers are cool?

Here’s a quick look at some bygone shades that were the epitome of cool when they came out. Just like the wayfarer, can we cross our fingers that at least one of these will make a comeback?

ze goggles zey do nothing!
ze goggles zey do nothing!

oakley factory pilots

without these goggles, red laser beams would shoot from his eyes, destroying the peloton in a fiery  heap
without these goggles, red laser beams would shoot from his eyes, destroying the peloton in a fiery heap

and of course the ultimate hip accessory: The wayfarer. Here is Adam looking SO COO. BTW that crumpler phone/camera case was won for an excellent earned DFL prize at last year’s July 4th scavenger hunt which we guided him in for. It included several stops and rounding up the lost stragglers. SO COO!


Another rad photo of John, from TX, looking especially COO


Keep your stunna shades on. Wear your sunglasses at night so you can so you can.

Or just buy yourself some cheap sunglasses.

What you know about them Texas Boys?

Busy? Didn’t think so. If you’d like to check out what Texas has been doing in representing the “trick-track” scene head on over to John Prolly’s blog at Prollyisnotprobably and see what the crew from Houston and College Station has been up to in¬†Milwaukee.

I think the usage of fixed gear bikes is growing in the trick scene and you can clearly see it in the availability of “tricktrack” specific parts for their stunting. No longer are you confined to make retrofits of bmx parts. The frames are also more and more resembling BMX bikes. Highflange team member “Emo” James pointed out yesterday that the frames really were starting to resemble the rigid 29’er Mountain bike style with skinny tires.

Personally I’m interested to see where things will head in the frame design. I remember when even being able to clear a barspin required retrofitting tiny 650c wheels to about every frame on the market. Having had a tiny bit of seat time on a Volume Cutter, I am intrigued that pretty much all their frames at that time could clear a barspin. It was very different from the velodrome bred fixed gears I was used to seeing.

At first I was just glad to see that 3Renshos weren’t being used to pop wheelies and take drops, but now the movement has taken it’s own momentum and become something unique, and that’s a good thing. Keep riding!

Source: Prolly is not probably: Midwest Mayhem Recap