Reflections:Ride to ATX by Fixed Gear

There is a zen like moment of calm before you embark on a risky journey. Most people spend months training for something like this, adhering to a strict schedule. I spent the last month battling an illness, and the better part of last year battling an impossible academic goal, a failing engagement, torn ligaments and broken bones.

Exactly one year after “the beginning of the end” I am in a completely different space with life. Different goals, different bikes, different aspects of riding which I have chosen to now participate in. Moving from the highly publicized long distance bike tours with refreshments and cheering to racing where every moment of the ride is filled with searing pain in the hope of creating achievement and victory.

Each ride, too, becomes purpose driven. Today is base miles, tomorrow is intervals for sprinting, next friday is climbing practice, an exercise filled with nausea from your heart rate shooting up to the redline for an extended period.

All of this is necessary to build the machinery inside of you that makes you stronger, because inside we are all weak, and if we are weak we are dead.

Chris Hoy on my wall reminding me that "greatness, therefore, is not an achievement, but a habit" from the film "Standing Start"

Houston to Austin by fixed gear on Saturday. Either we make it or we die trying.

Either way we’ll get it on camera.

Ride hard. Pedal harder. Never look back when you make a break.