Photo Friday:Cycling Supgirls


Earlier this week I mentioned that you can judge the success of a city’s bike program by the number of female riders. I think Austin not only has a high number of female riders, but a wide range of the types of women throwing a leg over two wheels.

Females clad in lycra riding carbon, and women in jeans riding city bikes. Good job Austin! Let’s hope Houston can learn a thing or two from the most progressive city in Texas.

Tony Kornheiser of ESPN advocates running down cyclists, messes with Texas. Lance “Big Tex” Armstrong responds

His typical incendiary psychotic talk radio babbling drew the attention of local hero “Big Tex” Lance Armstrong.
Lance Armstrong retaliated by calling him a douchebag on twitter.
“How douchebags apologize…”
and then got on to discuss with him and elicit a public apology from Kornheiser.
“For the second time in less than a month, Tony Kornheiser has apologized for something he said on his radio show.

Last time Kornheiser was apologizing for comments making fun of the wardrobe of his ESPN colleague, Hannah Storm — comments that got him suspended for two weeks from Pardon the Interruption. On Friday morning, Kornheiser apologized for urging drivers to run bicyclists off the road.

Lance Armstrong, who ripped Kornheiser on Thursday, appeared on Kornheiser’s radio show and defended bicyclists, and Kornheiser backed down, acknowledging that he “got way over the top” and that “the bicycle people were properly offended.”

Kornheiser added that he had a private conversation with Armstrong and that, “I certainly apologized.” On the air, Kornheiser vowed, “these rants are over.” Armstrong obviously won this very public battle with Kornheiser.”

As a side note, at least we in Texas can do our part in sharing the road, and making sure everyone else shares with us, and use our constitutional right to defend ourselves if our lives are put in danger. A car is a weapon when used against a bicyclist in the exact same way that a bicycle is a weapon when used against a pedestrian
Ride safe. Ride legally. Ride often!