Pedro’s Trixie Tool Review

April 6, 2010
The Pedro's Trixie tool.

The Pedro's Trixie tool.

Sometimes you need a bit of change in your life.  It might be when you’re 50 and you’re tired of your wife and kids so you go out and buy a Mercedes CL550, get a spray on tan and find some 20 year old girl to be your new mistress.  Or it might just be when you’re tired of spinning you’re legs to pieces because you thought it would be fantastic to pair a 20t cog with a 42t chain ring.

Fortunately for me the latter was the case as I had a set of deep Vs with a cog that didn’t quite fit my needs. A few hours later I was walking out of Houston Fixed Gear with a the Pedro’s Trixie and a new track cog.

Pedro's Trixie Opening a Bottle of Saint Arnolds.

Pedro's Trixie Opening a Bottle of Saint Arnolds.

Pedros’s describes the Trixie as the “ultimate urban survival tool.”  It comes with two wingnuts to screw the tool into your bottle cage holders, a lockring tool, 8,9,10mm box end wrenches on the interior of the tool with a 15 box end wrench on the bottom, a hole to create a chain whip, a 5mm hex key and of course a bottle opener.

The tool is nice a sturdy and the lockring works just as I’d expect any lockring tool to function.  In fact it works a whole hell of a lot better than the hammer x screwdriver collabo I had used to put the first lockring on. Using the Trixie as a chain whip is a tad bit difficult and some grooving on the anterior of the tool would have made things much easier. The 5mm hex key is just the right length to tighten and release the majority of components on any bike, but a 4mm and 6mm would have been nice too.   My biggest beef with this tool believe it or not is the bottle opener as it doesn’t quite have enough lip to properly grab the cap of your standard beer bottle.

Overall the tool is great value and would certainly find its way into my bag if I were headed to the velodrome on a regular basis; however for day to day riding I’ll stick to keeping a Park rescue tool in my seat bag and keep using my bottle cage bosses for holding bottle cages.    You can view more pictures of the Pedro’s Trixie tool in action in the gallery below.


  1. i have had this tool for a year now. its pretty and great for repairs on the road. i dont use it unless i have to though.

  2. awful bottle opener good take on a fixie multitool