Floyd Fairness re-fund

I wanted to like Floyd Landis. He had the makings of a hero. Coming from a Mennonite background, the decision to participate in the sport of road cycling was not an easy one for him. When I heard him admitting to doping, especially after all the rattling he had been doing over the past years about racing clean, I lost a lot of faith in the sport, but more specifically in a man that I was once admiring for keeping his faith in justice in what I saw as a flawed system. I think I see things differently now. The doping tests DO work, and they ARE keeping cheaters out of the sport, despite their best efforts to remain undetected.

It is with this in mind that I propose the Floyd Fairness re-fund. While I never donated, and wouldn’t be eligible, I think it’s only fair that Floyd refunds the money he defrauded honest riders out of.

I was asked yesterday by my own mother what I had taken to get “those muscles.” Although I know she was asking about over the counter supplements (many of which are laced with illegal compounds) my reply was “vegetables.” The most I think I’ve taken is a protein shake or smoothie from the local smoothie shop. I’m no stranger to Hammer gels, HEED sports drink mixtures, and enervit sugar supplements, however as far as any supplements that actually claim to make you stronger? There is no such thing. There is only work, and the pain you are willing to endure while training, and the discipline of eating right and the self control of passing on dessert, unhealthy foods, and alcohol.

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  1. they all cheat. from motor in Cancellara’s bike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Nd13ARuvVE
    Really you bike hard, I bike hard. In the big picture we bike harder than them. They live right; we booze and do god knows what else then get on the bike. Yet ‘they’ get blood transfusions before the end of the race: http://www.cyclingnews.com/features/analysis-armstrongs-tour-blood-levels-debated
    they all cheat, some have found legal ways , some get caught

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