Specialized Tarmac destroyed

My Tarmac and I have been through some good times. In lieu of bikesnobnyc’s book chapter about how your bike doesn’t have a soul, I have decided not to be too sad about it. In fact, I am rather happy at the chance of getting a new frame put together and having some great times on it.

I bid farewall to my old friend. We shared a lot of miles together. I’d say we shared nearly 10,000 miles of riding on these terrible chipseal roads.

Now, looking to what’s next: Specialized crash replacement? If it wasn’t already apparent, I have weird proportions (that bike was actually fit to me by a pro) and a custom frame might actually work out nicely for me. I also happen to think that a nice durable steel or titanium frame would be a lifelong companion and a blast to ride around on.

Oh the possibilities.

(Also, you guys get to check out a sweet build thread: stay tuned)