Ride the Divide: 2700 Miles from Canada to Mexico

Ride The Divide Movie Trailer from Ride The Divide on Vimeo.

This ride redefines what is humanly possible. The Tour de France has less climbing, less miles, and these racers are finishing it faster by riding literally all day. This may actually be the most difficult race in the world. Road bikes are not rugged enough to handle this terrain. You can see the equipment choices are mostly hardtail MTB. The hardtail is efficient simplicity rugged, strong, and reliable enough to traverse the length of the entire country.
When you are a road racer, you warm up, eat, and sleep all the deliver a peak performance over 100 miles. In this, it is all done alone.
There are no EPO scandals, no blood samples being discovered in a vault, there are only real men, and one woman, proving their worth and strength both mentally and physically.

This is bike racing.


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and memorium to Dave Blumenthal, a brave individual who passed away while doing what he loved. I’ve always said if I go I want it to be my heart exploding as I make one last final attempt at a sprint to claim victory in an XC race. Rest in peace Dave, you are an inspiration even after your passing.