By Bill Watterson (of Calvin and Hobbes)

Today is one of those days where I sit back and think of all the opportunities I threw away by doing the “should be” instead of following the dream. Today I think about all the days I let academics come in the way of an important life experience. I’m remembering how I skipped the very last concert of “the impossibles” in Austin, TX in order to study and pass a biology test (that I only marginally passed). I also remember the times I threw caution to the wind: The day I cut an entire day of classes to go ride my bike on deserted roads and eat a sandwich on a bench overlooking the entire San Francisco Bay.

Sometimes the right thing is exactly the opposite of what we “should be doing.”

Cut class. Call in sick. Take your kids to the park for a hike. Go sit alone on the top of your favorite local climb and revel for a moment in how big the sky is, and how all of human endeavor ultimately amounts to a tiny pinprick on an even tinier pale blue dot in a forgotten corner of our galaxy.