Happy 2nd Birthday!

It’s been over a year since the last post and I’ve felt a bit bad about letting this blog wither up and die. However it would be a terrible decision to let all the time and passion that have been sunk into this blog over the last two years go to waste. New and exciting things are in the works which should be appearing soon including a full site redesign, some short videos and tutorials.

Over the last years hiatus our personal lives have changed directions.  Milin and Chris have relocated out of Houston and while I’m not racing like I was in 2010 it was still a fun year for training and riding.  Winning segment leaderboards on Strava has become a major addiction for those of us who are still riding.  Personally one of my new missions is to take a top 3 spot at the Memorial Park picnic loop. You can check out the HighFlange club here if you want to spy on our rides.

Until then… safe riding.