Photo Friday

A day late. I was too busy riding! To be fair, this picture WAS taken on Friday =)

Enjoy the weekend folks. May the weather smile upon you and the trails be well swept.

Photo Friday:Cycling Supgirls


Earlier this week I mentioned that you can judge the success of a city’s bike program by the number of female riders. I think Austin not only has a high number of female riders, but a wide range of the types of women throwing a leg over two wheels.

Females clad in lycra riding carbon, and women in jeans riding city bikes. Good job Austin! Let’s hope Houston can learn a thing or two from the most progressive city in Texas.

Today is Photo Friday!

Sup Girl
Sup Girl

Waited all week to post this one. Ruth, poster girl for Austin based bike ‘zine “The Dropout” is this ATX supgirl showing us the finer side of drinking and riding. That’s right folks, she’s drinking champagne, not PBR! We love supporting local bike publications, so head on over to their site and check them out!

The Dropout Zine (Austin, TX)

Photo of the week friday.

Winter time has come to Houston for a ever so brief stay.  With it, it has us bringing our winter bike gear out of the closets and dusting off our knickers and arm warmers. Check out some of these amazing shots of some gorgeous 29ers on some frozen cold single track.


The rest are here..