Photo Friday

A day late. I was too busy riding! To be fair, this picture WAS taken on Friday =)

Enjoy the weekend folks. May the weather smile upon you and the trails be well swept.

The big B.M. makes a visit to SXSW/Mellow Johnny’s in Austin

via MellowJohnny’s (youtube channel)

Bill Murray is the man. From his early role in Caddyshack, to the more recent Sophia Coppola film “Lost in Translation” (a personal favorite), he has delivered. In Zombieland, Woody Harrelson even confessed to an obsession with Bill, who had discovered the secret to living amongst the zombies was to dress like one.

It’s pretty great to see a star not only advocating bike riding, but hitting up Austin’s SXSW and actually using a bike! Perhaps it was not only the festival, but the ease of traversing it on two wheels that attracted the celebs. South by Southwest is a great place to not only hear up and coming bands, but also to see famous people walking amongst us normal folk.

“Don’t get hit” is the advice he leaves us with. Is it possible that more celebrities not only riding bikes, but actively doing so in the public eye will make it safer and less “fringe” for the average rider to participate in this growing sport?

Photo Friday:Cycling Supgirls


Earlier this week I mentioned that you can judge the success of a city’s bike program by the number of female riders. I think Austin not only has a high number of female riders, but a wide range of the types of women throwing a leg over two wheels.

Females clad in lycra riding carbon, and women in jeans riding city bikes. Good job Austin! Let’s hope Houston can learn a thing or two from the most progressive city in Texas.

Race weekend!

Hello internet. No updates til Monday as I’m out in Austin racing. Day 1 didn’t go as expected
due to an equipment malfunction but a full writeup is coming!