Weekend update: GIANT XTC1 29’er is here: Murphy’s Law means rain all weekend


We did a review a few weeks back on the GIANT XTC 1 29’er. We gave it a good review. In fact, I liked it so much I decided I had to bring one home.

Some financial piddling later, I brought home my new baby, and sure enough the heavens opened up and poured down rain on all the trails in Texas.

I am NOT amused. Actually, I’m really muddy. No I didn’t rut up the trails. The streets were just covered in nasty water and puddles with pollen (tree semen) floating on the top. Joy.


Epic Ride today: Houston to Austin: DirrrtySouthxSouthWest

Today two members of HighFlange are preparing for the DirrrtySXSW ride. Essentially an unsupported ride, we will be taking off from the city of Houston on our bicycles and heading for Austin.

This is an unsupported Randonneur ride, and to be the testing grounds for future rides.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see if we make it through it alive.

Updatesxpics will be posted throughout the day.