Crank Brothers New Titanium Pedals: Eggbeater 11

174 grams. Shiny.

This week Crank Brothers announced an entirely new product line, including a replacement to their 2ti and 4ti lines of ultra-lightweight mountain biking pedals. We managed to get our hands on a set of the outgoing 4ti, at a reduced rate, in order to see if they live up to the hype and flashy gold coloring. Still no verdict on the new ones unless Crank Bros decides to take pity on a budget weight weenie.

roughly 18 number 2 pencils, a.k.a an egregious abuse of scientific equipment

If you just have to have the blingingest and lightest pedals out there, consider throwing a set of these on your weeniebike.

How lightweight are they? Glad you asked. Let’s make some stupid comparisons: each pedal weighs about the same as 18 number 2 pencils…(I would have used jellybeans but Whitey a.k.a. C-Dub a.k.a. Chris Wellhausen ATE ALL OF THEM. THOSE WEREN’T JUST JELLYBEANS! THEY WERE PRECIOUS SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT YOU PIG.) Needless to say without the precise comparative analogy of jellybeans, we were forced to make do with office supplies.

The new pedals feature improved needle-style bearings and apparently better sealing to reduce the frequency of required rebuilds. My old Eggbeaters (steel model) are holding up fine a couple years later, though not nearly to a high level of abuse. The new pedals are 10g heavier but reported to be a lot more durable.

At the moment I am eagerly awaiting the sound of a postman knocking to deliver the “old news” 4ti pedals which I’ll throw on the scales and possibly on the bike, time provided.

The old pedals were no slouch, and I’m sure the new ones will be just as reliable, albeit a lot more sexy.

The old 4ti eggbeater: reportedly 167g for the pair

Notice how the construction of the new pedals seems to be a lot more seamless. The spring mechanism still looks pretty much the same, but the spindles are noticeably shorter, probably affecting “Q factor” (the distance between both your feet as you pedal. Road bikes tend to be narrow, MTB tend to be wider stanced). Indeed the major complaint a lot of people had on the 4ti was remedied in purchasing shorter spindles from crank bros. I’m guessing enough was heard that they just provided them from the factory now. Also the reduced length should reduce the effective torque on the threading and hopefully help the pedals last longer.

Check out the new and improved specs over at Crank Bros. They’ve got a whole host of new sweet gear for the mid-year.

Weekend update: GIANT XTC1 29’er is here: Murphy’s Law means rain all weekend


We did a review a few weeks back on the GIANT XTC 1 29’er. We gave it a good review. In fact, I liked it so much I decided I had to bring one home.

Some financial piddling later, I brought home my new baby, and sure enough the heavens opened up and poured down rain on all the trails in Texas.

I am NOT amused. Actually, I’m really muddy. No I didn’t rut up the trails. The streets were just covered in nasty water and puddles with pollen (tree semen) floating on the top. Joy.


Personal News, World Travel, and a Sweet Niner Air9 Carbon

Hello World. Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week. Things have gotten a bit mad lately as I am appearing tomorrow for the MCAT exam for medical school entry. I have been preparing for a year since, at the day before my last scheduled appearance, I suffered a mild concussion and shattered clavicle on my road bike. I am known for being stubborn and was on my motorcycle and bicycle within a week, and then went for surgery and was riding regularly again after another week and a half.

I am also sadly missing a great short track race, so best of luck and godspeed to the racers at Bicycle World and Fitness (the guys that let me pretend I’m a racer with their fast riders)

I will be making a quick run around the globe next month. Destinations include a day in Paris, a trek through India, and a final stop in Tokyo, where I will no doubt be purchasing lots of bicycle parts and potentially a frame from my old neighbor M. Makino (one of the 3Rensho builders)

Now without further ado, I present some bike porn for my readers:

Niner bikes builds only 29’ers. They build fantastic 29’ers at that. They recently unveiled a carbon fiber frame: Here is their bearded race team member assembling his new single-speed rocket.

We at highflange like singlespeeds. We also like big wheels. This has both, and it’s fancy looking carbon…and rigid. These are all great and fun things on a bike. Enjoy watching the buildup: I’ve included the new Carbon and a buildup review of the older model scandium air9

niner air9 buildup (Scandium)