Specialized 29ers take a win at the Sea Otter Classic

You can see the race takes place partly on the Laguna Seca road course, and later veering off into the trail section. It looks like an absolute blast to ride! Another thing to note is how smooth the XC courses are compared to our local trails. You can take a good look at the riders dragging the rear tire coming into downhill corners and then whipping the bike around the tight sections.

As a drinker of the proverbial 29er koolaid, it’s pretty interesting to see the wheel size making a move towards the mainstream. Personally, I like them because I have odd proportions that put me pretty much sitting “on top of” most 26″ frames, geometry-wise. As you hear one of the riders say, the bigger wheels really do provide a little boost in the flat sections. I have found myself punishing the local trail with a lot more speed and confidence than I ever had before (although most of this is due to a proper frame size)

Check out the video, and leave some comments.

-video courtesy of I Am Specialized