Think your Ray Ban Wayfarers are cool?

Here’s a quick look at some bygone shades that were the epitome of cool when they came out. Just like the wayfarer, can we cross our fingers that at least one of these will make a comeback?

ze goggles zey do nothing!
ze goggles zey do nothing!

oakley factory pilots

without these goggles, red laser beams would shoot from his eyes, destroying the peloton in a fiery  heap
without these goggles, red laser beams would shoot from his eyes, destroying the peloton in a fiery heap

and of course the ultimate hip accessory: The wayfarer. Here is Adam looking SO COO. BTW that crumpler phone/camera case was won for an excellent earned DFL prize at last year’s July 4th scavenger hunt which we guided him in for. It included several stops and rounding up the lost stragglers. SO COO!


Another rad photo of John, from TX, looking especially COO


Keep your stunna shades on. Wear your sunglasses at night so you can so you can.

Or just buy yourself some cheap sunglasses.

HighFlange does the Lone Star CX Festival in Austin, TX

The cyclocross season in TX is coming to a sad close. No more 30 minute dry heaving running jumping sliding and getting lapped by the actually fast guys.
A broken chain during the warmup lap knocked me out of the cross race in the Woodlands last week, but the 26 inch rig is back with a new BMX style half link chain from Bicycle World and Fitness and I finally am going to be lacking an excuse for my poor performance this weekend!
The lone star cx festival is coming with collegiate races on Saturday, and the rest of us on Sunday. I’ll be racing with the rest of the cross noobs in Cat 4. They have taken mercy and made the Cat 4 race only 30 minutes instead of the usual punishing 60 minutes. Picture this: You were probably going to waste those 30 minutes of your life watching television, surfing the web, and scratching yourself anyway, so why not come out and race?

Time to stretch those muscles and get those few cool down rides in before the subjecting myself to the last muddy lycra of the season.

If you’re in Austin, catch us out there! I’ll be in the fluorescent pink blue and black jersey and shorts…

more to come post race…