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PUSH PULL from Landis Fields on Vimeo.

I think it can be difficult to capture the essence, grace, and excruciation that naturally accompanies road cycling. The speed is addicting, and the smooth graceful arcs in corners and drafting are hard to convey to a generation of gamers, and short attention spanned ADD’ers used to more of the kind of quick twitches found in mountain biking, for instance.

I think this filmmaker does a great job of capturing the essence of road cycling and the grace beauty and efforts involved. You may have already seen this video, but if you haven’t, it’s definitely worth a look.

Cycle Touring the Tibetan Plateau

Stumbled upon this great video while forum surfing about randonneuring. Randonneur bicycles are essentially a touring bike made for traveling long distances while loaded down with gear. In the world of heavily supported rides with “SAG” support vans and mechanics constantly a few minutes away, many riders do not even know how to change a simple flat. This sort of riding is completely self sufficient. You need a rack, all the gear to fix you up and keep you warm in any sort of weather you might encounter and often a tent to sleep in.
This well equipped Rivendell Atlantis exemplifies the “breed” of randonneur bicycle.

Rivendell Atlantis
Rivendell Atlantis

In this video, the author chooses a mountainbike style frame to do his trip on. Also a feasible choice.

“Many people don’t understand why some choose to travel on a bicycle. I was one of them… then I tried it. Now I don’t want to do it any other way.

This video is an attempt at providing a glimpse into the challenging, exciting, and incredibly rewarding world of cycle touring. 

The clips are from a Summer 2007 trip, about 4500kms from Kashgar, Xinjiang, to Dali, Yunnan (in China) crossing Tibet along the way.” -“Dave A.”

Cycle Touring the Tibetan Plateau from Dave A on Vimeo.

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