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If you thought Flatland BMX required skill: Cycleball

May 30, 2010  |  Comments Off on If you thought Flatland BMX required skill: Cycleball

Sanctioned by the UCI, this sport, in the realm of “artistic cycling” involves playing a soccer like game while mounted to a bicycle. The things that your local whippersnappers might call “gnarly tricks” are just an essential move to manuver and push the ball down the court.

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It makes even fixie polo seem tame. Is this going to take off as the new fad? I think we’d need to cultivate a love of David Hasselhoff and liver sausage first.

Here’s a primer on the sport:

Road Cycling meets Gran Turismo: Telemetry Data

January 20, 2010  |  3 Comments

I’ve always thought car racing was neat. It’s even more fun when you can see the actual workings of the car, the rpm the driver shifts at, the engine temperature. All these pieces of data are neat for the real geek who loves to tear into the core of how things work.

I stumbled upon this today:

Imagine being able to collect all that data on a real time display. You can measure your body just like a high performance v8 engine (or in my case a mediocre performance economy car engine).

I really enjoyed the clean layout of the data. You could easily, at a glance, see everything that was going on with the rider with heart rate, power output and speed and “zone” data. Integrating this into a virtual instrument cluster on the bike is the next step, naturally, to getting a clear picture of the idiosyncrasies and workings of the “motor” that’s powering your bicycle.

I was training, last year, using a Garmin Edge (first edition) unit and found it to be great, but cumbersome because of limited battery life. I just might have to save up for the new version, now.

If only the display/cluster layout looked like this:

or this

Do any of you foresee a time in which powermeters and other such high tech devices will become the norm in consumer cycling?

Only a few more days of arduous studying for me, then it’s back to training and some travel…

How your McBike Store wheels are built.

December 22, 2009  |  Comments Off on How your McBike Store wheels are built.

Wandered onto this video on YouTube.  It shows a bicycle wheel being built from rim to complete entirely by machine.  While technically neat I honestly don’t think anything will compare to a high quality, hand laced, hand built wheelset.